Thứ Bảy, 18 tháng 2, 2012

Bangalore_garden city

Bangalore is the city of the south of India. It is called Sillicon Valley of India because of it is the centre of India's IT industry. There are mydrad of IT conpany placed here which attract the stream of young, smart IT engeneer all over India come here to work. (Sporty is one of  them) ...This make Bangalore younger , healthier and more open than Delhi.It is what I feel.  When I walk out , noone care to stare at a foreigner like me as in Delhi. May be ppl here are so used to see  many race of ppl from everywhere of India, I may look like girls from east of India ( small eyes, a bit fairer skin, flat nose, and petite ... :) ), as my friends said. There are many times local talk to me in Kannada or Hindi which they supposed I could understand. 

 Bangalore is also called the Garden City. I love trees here. I can see green trees on both side of every street in Bangalore. The very old tree, nearly 100 years old tree, big and prouldly grow their brand far to other side of the street, make nice shade for pedestrian.  Although the rest on city is still not clean, not well maintained, but trees still keep their own natural beauty contribute some peace for this hustle cosmopolitan city. I wish trees always there to keep the nickname of city (Garden city) for long. As I know that the faster a city develope, the more poluted it is,  greenery would diminish replaced by high building. What have happened to Ho Chi Minh city. Suddenly, I feel regret for my beloved city. Trees have to be cut to save space for crowded human, park was replaced by plaza.  
a street , pretty clean

The time I was in Bangalore is around Lunar New year, the end of January. The weather is cool as in Dalat (highland in Vietnam). It is strange that although sunshine is still typical of tropical weather,  each breeze come with chill ... grrrr. It is cold to me. I only know stable warm weather in Saigon,rarely taste what is called winter. I like to walk in the morning sunshine, it warm ,  sparkle and fresh like a wake up kiss.
Every morning, after having breakfast together, Sprorty and I walk along to the junction and say good bye, he left my hand and go to another direction to his office, and I go to the temple nearby. I noticed that on the way becase of its color and its nice garden. Even Sporty never been there.  I come there, walk around the temple, breath fresh air under trees, then sit on the bench watching beautiful roses in morning sunshine.


roses in temple garden

Then I strolled back home, watch houses on the way, see kids go to school in cute uniform. This feeling cannt get in Delhi, the frenzy city, people are so busy to struggle with daily life, they dont mind to watchh flowers or make their home more catchy. Most houses in Delhi I have seen are just places to stay, no decoration, even no paint, just like boxes with doors and windows. In Bangalore, house are nice and delicated, express the culture of owner. Even a small house still have a vase of roses to soften the toughness of brick.
Botanic garden_ is it like flower street in Saigon for Lunar New Year
I get into temple with a young lady, she guide me to perform praying ritual, I just follow what she did, I got a red bindi on forehead from the priest and this sweet

Cannt eat by hand, I tear one leave and use it as spoon, i finished all, see how talent I am...

an old aunty i met in temple, talk to me in both Kanna and Hindi, but "nahi English"

There is a crow dwell in this tree with orange flowers

sakura in India????
Men of laundry  iron clothes in early morning with "ancient" iron
Dry up Saree