Thứ Bảy, 11 tháng 2, 2012

First Decision For Lunar New Year

(spring in remote village)
Lunar New Year is the most important festival in Vietnam and many other countries. On this holiday, family gather together, do some ritual greeting new year.  Wherever you are, you should come back to family on this occasion, to hug and wish health for parents, to give lucky money to younger , to fill your home sweet home with laughter and happiness in the holy night.

Anyway, modern breeze change everything. This custom is not really going on.  Somehow, it is the boring time in the year to me. On these days,  all my friend back to home or busy with home, all the store and restarant are close. It seem my hobbies of shoping , gossiping and eatinng cease. What I always do is staying home eat food stored in fridge, visiting relatives who are not really close to me, care of home for parent go out for shift or party...It is not really a warm atmosphere as it considered to be while all members of urban family have private thing to do on this occasion.

This year, I want to make my life disturbing, I dont want to waste my long holidays at home, visit relatives and struggle with their question" Do you have boyfriend, when will you marry?"  It was long time to be a good daughter, the first time, I will not greeting Lunar new year at home.  I made up my mind. It seem air flight was on my side while offered me quite cheap price. Let 's go  to Bangalore, Sporty is there, he is waiting and I am dying to be in his arm again. It is the wonderful way to spend a long holiday.

My decision certainly stun my parents . "I will go to India on Lunar New Year, dad" they smiled and said " silly idea, dont go, it is weird to go out of home on this occasion", they think I am joking. The next day: "I bought ticket, dad " I said dont go"... One week after, " I got Visa dad"  Dad is angry, mom is angry, they scold at me, I was quiet and cried. Many days after that,  they complaint me, they wailed whenever caught me,about future, about life in another country. They realized that they may loose daughter once day.   I begged, " please this time, I have never done anything on my own, this is first time i want to decide my life, I did always obey parents, but only this time, I am old enough".
Last day, I am packing up when my dad knocked the door of my room to gave me more USD in case some trouble happen in the trip. Thanks Dad . Although tried to arrange everything neat , but my heart was mess like a bundle of thread. Although bringing only hand carrying luggage not more than 7 kg, why I feel each step is so heavy.
I am sorry, so sorry, mom, dad. But ...